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M. Night Shyamalan
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Okay well this is just a site to post about one of the greatest directors ever... M. Night Shyamalan.

Okay just a couple of rules...
1)No fighting if you don't agree with what someone had to say say it nicely or don't say anything.

2)If you're posting something long, or a big pic please use a cut

3)I'm going to set up a like info thingy that you can fill out, it's optional, it's just a way for the community to get to know you better.
these are the questions

.Birth date-
.home town-
.Night Movie-
.other movies-
.song at the moment-

Other stuff
.Tell us an embarassing or funny story-
.What is your biggest fear-
.Why do you like night's work-
.Coke or pepsi-
.Who is one of your fave actors that night works with-

If you have a pic send one of yourself. If not you can do it later.

Well That's about it.. Have fun lol

If you want to Im me my sn is right up there