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Finally made my way over here. I was anti-communities for a while, so that's why I didn't join sooner. Haha.
Anyway, hey everyone, I am Sara, been a huge Shyamalan fan since Praying With Anger. Love every single one of his movies. I am usually an actor/actress fan, not a director fan, but M. Night is just a genius, I couldn't have ignored it much longer.
I own all of his movies but my favorite probably has to be Unbreakable. He always has such amazing symbolism in his films, and this one really blew me away. Aside from the fact that it was the ultimate superhero movie, it also starred my favorite actor, Bruce Willis. And Spencer Treat Clark is a great kid actor too.
.Name- Sara/Niffler
.Age- 24
.Birth date- Nov. 25th
.home town- Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
.hair- Brown; most of the time
.eyes- Dark dark brown
.height- 5'7"
.weight- Heh... maybe later
.bands- I am a music fanatic, so I could never choose
.movie- I am an even bigger movie fanatic.
.food- i like corn a lot
.actor/actress- Bruce Willis, Angelina Jolie
.song at the moment- Wow, that's a tough one; it changes everyday because I love music with a passion, but I guess right this moment, I'd say "Only" by Nine Inch Nails
Other stuff:
.What is your biggest fear- spiders, clowns, cockroaches, and being alone for the rest of my life
.Why do you like night's work- If you don't know then why are you in this community? :P Hehe.
.Coke or pepsi- I love Coca Cola a little too much. I need to quit.

Not much else to say I guess. Take care, look forward to reading everyone's posts! :)
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