Casi (make_dom_yours) wrote in m_night,

Ok, hey I'm new and I just saw The Village for the 2nd time tonight I haven't ever really been a fan of M. Night Shyamalan before seeing this movie.. mostly because I'm too afraid to see most of his work.. ^-^ -I will get around to seeing them all though!- but I loved Signs. He does an amazing job and adds sooo much more to his movies if you REALLY watch them

- When the forest guy goes in the office and you see m night reading the paper...It has something about a 7 year old boy being dead in the top right corner, if you remember in the beginning about the boy dying if you read the tombstone he was 7 years old-coincidence?

-there was also something about 11 people that had been killed .. I forgot about it and forgot to count how many "elders" there was.. my friend said she thought there was 7 anyone know?
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