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Hey there!

I watched The Village for the first time today and was very, very impressed. I've spend hours on the internet now to gather more information about the movie and found this nice little community. =)

.Name- Sabrina
.Age- 20
.Birth date- 3rd of September, 1984
.home town- a small VILLAGE hehe in Germany
.hair- light brown
.eyes- dark brown
.height- 1,74 m
.weight- do I really have to tell? =S
.bands- Muse
.Night Movie- now it's The Village
.other movies- Leon - The Professional, Donnie Darko, The Fifth Element, Ghibli movies, M. Night's movies, Pulp Fiction and so on..
.food- um, oranges =)
.actor/actress- Jean Reno
.song at the moment- good question

Other stuff
.Tell us an embarassing or funny story- oh I could tell so many, I can't choose one right now =P
.What is your biggest fear- aliens and vampires
.Why do you like night's work- it's different from other stuff, it's amazing and impressing
.Coke or pepsi- coke
.Who is one of your fave actors that night works with- Joaquin of course

What's everyone's favourite character in the movie? Mine is Noah!
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Lucius. But then again I'm a flaming Joaquin fan, so...

But anyway, welcome! ^_^
Thanx! =)

Well I was about to say Lucius as well (I'm a girl.. I can't resist him ^__^) but I am a big fan of crazy characters, that's why I picked Noah. ^__^.